Say farewell to the flute, electronic music is coming to secondary and high school in France.

Goodbye the recorder 1
Goodbye the recorder 2

Thanks to the actions of the SACEM, the association Art Point M and Ableton, fantastic initiatives aiming to facilitate the access to electronic music to young people are gradually emerging. Lets make a list of what exists today.

Good new for the people shock shelled by the flute : the Ministry of National Education is seriously thinking about teaching electronic music in secondary school and high school. Thanks to various initiatives triggered by some educative and musical association, more than 100 schools will enjoy this opportunity and hopefully, many will follow.

Amongst these initiatives, in partnership with the SACEM, the Fabrique Electro will try to give the opportunity to young DJs to become real producers. If you take as examples the very young artists: Madeon, Fakear or Petit Biscuit; these artists from a brand new generation are already in competition with established artists from the music industry, and the SACEM seems to be willing to freshen up the electro industry. Supported by the Ministry of National Education and Culture, this “Fabrique” new generation already offers to 10 secondary schools 5 classes of MAC (Music Assisted by Computer, in short, electro music). Theses classes last 2 hours each. From Year 8 to Year 10, a professional DJ will hold class and offer a real insight to the pupils to a profession which is always in constant development.

Around Lille, a similar observation can be made, this is the association Art Point M (spearhead of the Electronic Festival NAME), supported by the company Ableton (selling the musical controllers Push and the Ableton Live Software) proposes an initiative that aims at teaching young people to learn about a musical genre in expansion and its technics of creation. To do so, the company Ableton has offered 120 musical controllers and software to the Academy of Lille. In an interview with Trax Magazine, Sylvain Garcia, Brand Manager France for Ableton has declared that : “The integration of the teaching of Music via Ableton is free for the professors. Some have already included it to their syllabus, some have planned to do it and other will use it during workshops.”

In this context of perpetual changes at a musical and educative level, we cannot imagine otherwise that the tools and instruments linked to the musical production will also evolve.
Developed to make the access of electronic music more playful and intuitive, Specktr Pro for example, is a connected glove that (thanks to its compatibility with most of the musical application for mobile and tablets) allows its user an infinity of possibilities in perspective of MAC. This tool allows you to control a keybord, a drum or even to modulate the effects and volumes. Specktr will undeniably boost your and your children’s inspiration.